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Or, you can specify the argument as the path to the buildInfo.mat file:buildInfoFile = fullfile(pathToBuildFolder, 'buildInfo.mat');packNGo(buildInfoFile,'packType', 'hierarchical', ... 'fileName','portzingbit');

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If your options are static (for example you do not need to call a tool likepkg-config to determine them) you can also provide them directly in your.pyx or .pxd source file using a special comment block at the start of the file:

UnZip (and Zip, and all of the other Info-ZIP utilities) must be set up as a VMS foreign command, as noted in the README.VMS file included with our VMS distributions. Add some lines similar to the following to your LOGIN.COM file:

To simplify matters, SQLite is also available as a pre-packagedamalgamation source code file: sqlite3.c. The amalgamation isa single file of ANSI-C code that implements the entire SQLite library.The amalgamation is much easier to deal with. Everything is containedwithin a single code file, so it is easy to drop into the source treeof a larger C or C++ program. All the code generation and transformationsteps have already been carried out so there are no auxiliary C programsto configure and compile and no scripts to run. And, because the entirelibrary is contained in a single translation unit, compilers are able todo more advanced optimizations resulting in a 5% to 10% performanceimprovement. For these reasons, the amalgamation source file("sqlite3.c") is recommended for all applications. 041b061a72


We have a great group of youth in our congregation. No matt...
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