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Legend Of The Guardians Greek Audio Torrent _VERIFIED_

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Legend Of The Guardians Greek Audio Torrent _VERIFIED_

However, Kratos, having somehow survived, discovered that he is still immortal and is cursed to walk the Earth forever as punishment for his terrible deeds, and the only greek God of War who survived the destruction of Greece and goes to the another realm. Upon seeing the Blades of Chaos (which haven't been seen since the fight with Ares), he attempted to get rid of them by tossing them into the sea. As he wandered into a nearby cave to sleep the Blades reappeared impaled in the rock when he awoke. Determined to have solitude and be rid of his curse, he sets sail, tossing the blades away yet again. As he reaches the shore he wanders for days on end without sleep until he succumbs. Once again the blades return to him and again he disposes of them. Soon he wanders into a village, who is aware of his legend, there he meets an old man that tells him that everyone is afraid of him because he is the Ghost of Sparta and he is in the Land of the Pharaohs but his destiny is not staying there. Kratos tells to the old man to leave him alone and pushes him away, but the old man tells him about destiny then Kratos continues in his long journey without sleeping but he was attacked by two jackals, then he stops at an oasis to rest were he meets a Baboon that tells Kratos about destiny but Kratos can't believe he thinks that he is losing his mind, then Kratos continues his odyssey and he is trying to eat but he ends up sleeping then the Blades of Chaos reappeared again then Kratos discovers that Persephone's words had an effect on him and discovers that he is immortal, then Kratos continues his journey without sleeping and torturing himself then at a river he meets an Ibis. The Ibis tells Kratos about destiny again, Kratos says that he will not surrender and begs the Ibis to leave him alone to end his suffering then Kratos faints and the Ibis tell him that he will use all his strength for his long journey. 1e1e36bf2d


We have a great group of youth in our congregation. No matt...
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