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Wondershare Backup Location 2021

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When it comes to iPhone/iPad, most people will use iCloud to back up their data. However, if you do not want to pay for the extra iCloud storage, you can also use your Macbook to backup the data from your iPhone/iPad. This is also a great way to create a secondary backup for your data. This way, even if you forget your iCloud credentials, you can still get back the data.

The traditional and probably the most convenient way to create a backup for your files is to transfer data by connecting the iPhone to Mac. You can connect the two devices using a USB and copy files from your iPhone to the PC without any hassle. In this case, you even have the liberty to choose a custom iPhone backup location on Mac.

Backing up data from an iPhone will be helpful in several situations. Whether you are planning to switch to a new iPhone or install the latest iOS version, creating a backup for your data will protect you from potential data loss. Creating an iPhone backup on your Mac will also allow you to create multiple backups for complete data protection. So, follow the above-mentioned tricks to backup your iPhone and find the iPhone backup location on Mac later on.

Why should a computer user set up Windows 10 backups It is simple, and there are several reasons you should do it. At times, you may have issues with your computer and end up losing the system and the files. Windows 10 backup will help you restore them, and you do not have to stress about losing data. The only disadvantage would be reduced storage space on the hard drive.

App data and other data backup files increase as long as you are using your computer. They sometimes tend to take up a lot of space. With time, the disk will be full the more files it has. When this happens, your system and data will not be protected. That's because you can longer create any backups.

From time to time, it is alright for you to delete backup files. The good thing about this task is that it is not time-consuming as it only takes a few minutes. But how do you do this You need to delete app backup files and old backups. That is how you create more space for other backups.

There are two tools that Windows operating system offers for system image and file backup. These tools come in handy when you need to create more space for backup. Below is how to delete backup files in Windows 10 and how to delete Windows image backup.

If you are using Windows 7, 8, and 10, then you can turn the schedule setting on to automatically backup files. You no longer have to work hard and do it manually. The Backup and Restore utility in these Windows versions make things easy for you. You can back up your Windows OS and files on your hard drive automatically.

Step 4 This is your final step. A window with two options will pop up here. On the "Manage Windows Backup disk space" window, you will need to click on the right option to delete backup files. Once this step completes, you will be having more space on the backup disk.

Option 1: By default, this first option is selected. Here, the first option will be "Let Windows manage the space used for backup history." The advantage of allowing Windows to manage your space is that it takes less than 30% of the space. As we know, system images are saved automatically. This option is excellent as it deletes older system images automatically when Windows manage the space. Every time these files reach 30% of the space, it will remove old system images.

Option 2: Secondly, "Keep only the latest system image and minimize space used by the backup" is the next option you will see. This option allows you to retain the latest system images only. Thus, if you want to have disk space and still keep the latest system images, this is the option for you. Depending on your requirements, choose the most ideal to delete backup files.

The in-built backup system in Windows 10 allows you to back up files regularly and seamlessly. Some data will be routinely saved using Windows File History. It


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