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Reikan Focal Pro

With the release of the EOS 5D Mark III back in 2012, Canon enabled Wide and Telephoto Calibration for zoom lenses. This allows you to set a focus calibration value for both the wide and telephoto ends of the focal range, and the camera will intelligently determine the actual value to use depending on the selected focal length. Nikon followed suit by introducing this feature in the D780 in January 2020, and has since added to more cameras.

reikan focal pro

FoCal Plus includes Fully Automatic Calibration which automatically sets up the camera, captures full resolution images and validates auto focus consistency for each point. Each image is analysed and FoCal predicts the best AF Microadjustment or AF Fine Tune setting. With some cameras this is completely automatic and other cameras run in User Assisted mode which is automatic apart from user prompts to set the AF Microadjustment/Fine Tune value at specific times. There is a limit on the lens focal length that can be calibrated, any lens with a focal length greater than 400mm (ignoring crop factor) may not be calibrated with this version*.

All auto focus lenses that are compatible with a supported camera will work with FoCal. These can be Canon, Nikon as well as 3rd party including Sigma, Tamron and Tokina lenses. FoCal Plus is limited to lenses up to and including 400mm (ignoring crop factor), FoCal Pro has no such limitation and works with any focal length.

Calibrate most Canon and Nikon cameras and lenses with FoCal 2.0 Pro Lens Calibration from Reikan . In addition to the software license, a 150mm standard hard target is included to provide the most accurate calibration. The straightforward software runs on your Windows or Mac computer for added convenience. Using your camera's USB cable, FoCal Pro connects and operates your camera remotely, capturing test images, downloading and analyzing each image in real time. In addition to the auto focus calibration, FoCal Pro supports focal lengths over 400mm, focus consistency, aperture sharpness, analyzes for dust, and compares your results with other FoCal users around the world. Calibration and test results are stored and archived for later review. Setting up the calibration is easy; simply attach the included FoCal Target to a wall with your camera set up on a tripod set to live view for accurate alignment. As soon as the target is set up, the automatic focus calibration process takes over providing a quick and error free result for up to 5 cameras at the same time.


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