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Once Upon A Time... But Not Anymore

As per the Bollywood reports, the two beautiful ladies once upon a time used to be extremely close and were even spotted at events together. However, due to some misunderstandings, the two best friends got separated.

Once Upon a Time... But Not Anymore


The two ladies of Bollywood are still cordial and close but probably not the BFFs they were once upon a time. Katrina was in a steady relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, and now she is married to Vicky Kaushal, while Alia Bhatt is now all set to tie the knot with Ranbir soon.

The problem with "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is not the oddness of Timothy's entry into the world, but how calculated this movie becomes once he arrives. Wishing upon a star may have been enough to make a good movie once upon a time, but not anymore.

In my experience, it seems that it is particularly young men who suffer the most. They have little or no motivation, sleep a lot and spend many hours alone in their rooms. Often not communicating with others. My son is back in hospital as I write this, 3 months so far. He has been in hospital more times than I can remember, on one occasion it was 1 year. Both in the private sector and the NHS. He has never had a proper relationship, since he started taking this drug. He did not finish college and has never worked. Once upon a time he was a happy, bright, sporty individual, not anymore. I have to make sure that I eat well, sleep as much as possible as I need all the strength I can muster to help me in this caring role, which I never expected would happen to me. When I visit my son in hospital, I have to try to be cheerful, but not too 'smiley'. He is so sad and it breaks my heart. He cannot bear listening about his old friends who are doing well and lots who are married and have children of course. He has learnt a very hard lesson about drugs and I hope one day he will try to teach other young people who think it is 'cool' to smoke this disgusting, terrible drug. He would not believe it if I told him that there are some people who want to legalise drugs!! After what he has been through, it's not surprising. 041b061a72


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