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How To Buy Used Guns Online

Browse our selection of used guns to find great deals on handguns, shotguns, rifles, and more. We work with local dealers as well as individual gun collectors to get affordable previously-owned firearms. Check out 10 other great reasons to trust and shop at

how to buy used guns online has a rifle for every need. Are you a big game hunter? We got you. Are you a competition shooter or weekend plinker? Look no further! Shop our wide selection of used rifles available in a variety of makes and models with a plethora of modifications and accessories.

Browse our selection of collectible guns, firearms of historical significance, unique limited runs and more. These antiques are some of the most valuable and rare guns found online. Whether you're interested in collectible rifles, handguns or shotguns we've got you covered.

Whether you're looking for some extra cash or want to put cash made towards your next firearm purchase, we make the process easy, simple and quick. You no longer have to hassle with gun auctions or online consignments.

Interesting that Bud's Gun Shop was not on the list. I've ordered from them many times and never had a problem. I would consider them in the top five and not above Brownells. I find Brownells to be higher on their prices than others. PSA is good but they never seem to have the stuff in stock when I am looking for what I want. I have ordered from them and no problem there either except once when some ammo wasn't packaged very well. Looked like it was just thrown in a box with a piece of brown paper that did nothing for protection. Someone that obviously was in too much of a hurry to get a shipment out. Never ordered anything from the others. I have been to a Sportsman's Warehouse and their prices were higher than other gun stores in my area, and not much of a selection. A gun I did want was not in stock, only the display model. The guns behind the counter were helpful but, like I said, their prices were higher. Anyway, give Bud's Gun Shop a try. I don't work for them just mentioning it here if anyone interested.

Great selection, guys! However, it seems as if you're not truly familiar with GunBroker! ('Scuse me if someone already mentioned this.) *grins*Sort By "Price: Low to High" in the top right dropdown, then scroll down on the left and click the "Buy Now" button. NOW you'll see the items (most of 'em) at their no BS-ing around price.After looking at the best-priced, blue-starred, "top-listed" stuff, be SURE to go down past them and consider the lowest-priced ones without the blue star. The prices start low again!I didn't figure this out at first and missed guns/stuff further down the pages that were sometimes cheaper than the featured ones! Ex: Basic 10/22, p. 1, - $249Same weapon, p. 3 - $239Hope that helps out. *smiles*

Hi there. First, I do NOT work for GB, why would you say that? I've simply used them as one of many sites to buy weapons and related stuff. I was just pointing out that GB isn't purely an auction site. I always search under the "Buy Now" option.I'm not sure why GB or a particular seller wanted all of that info from you. I've never gone through that and wouldn't if they asked for it. If you don't like them, don't use them for anything more than comparing prices and sizing up the market. Lately I've added GunsInternational to my list of sites. Try them as well.

I've used PSA for many orders in spite of reading so bad reviews. Never had any issue......until now. I ordered 2 items. The dark earth dust cover came but the foregrip was a no show. I always heard they had poor customer service. So far that's proving to be true. I contacted them twice and all I've gotten is "crickets".

The tavor ts12 is a left handed, semi-automatic handgun that is perfect for sporting or home defense shotgun. It is a 12gauge, compact, and lightweight shotgun that is easy to maneuver and handle. With its semi-automatic action, it is fast and efficient in terms of fire power. Go there and order your guns and bulk ammunition from Masterpiecefirearm retail store

BUY HANDGUNS ONLINE99 Guns Armoury Inc has made the purchase and legal ownership of guns a less mundane task by offering the best selection of Handguns for sale, automatic rifle guns, Pistols. While just suitable for new guns, buying an automatic gun online at 99 Guns Armoury is effortless. Choose the firearm you need and 99 Guns Armoury will deliver it to you through your nearest FFL99 Guns Armoury does not only offer a smooth delivery to your door via courier but utilizing Licensed dealers, we also provide the opportunity to find a Licensed and reputable dealer where your gun can be shipped to. We will confirm the date and exact time for you to fetch your firearm which will best suit your needs.

Rural King (Rkguns) used to be a decent place to buy online, but thier shipping times have stretched into two weeks or more and they have recently increased their prices. Also they like to oversell inventory and then cancel your order.

Just bought my SAR9X online at Dahlonega Armory. Best prices I found next to Shooting Surplus. Dahlonega stock status appears timely and accurate. They shipped it FedEx overnight. Extremely satisfied and highly recommend.

If you guys live in St. Louis, MO, the best store that I have come across is Saint Louis Tactical. My uncle recently purchased one and was satisfied with the entire process. They have such a huge variety of guns, shotguns rifles etc you guys can check them out on their website by the same name.

Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate you pointing out that Armslist has a membership fee and we will update the article to reflect that. We are humans though and sometimes we forget to add things into articles. We hope you don't hold it against us that we sometimes aren't perfect. Also, we were not paid to put anyone on this list. This is based on our experiences buying guns online. Again, thanks for the feedback.

I agree and these three should have been at the top along with Aim Surplus and SOG or Southern Ohio Gun. The author says he got into guns starting with YouTube videos. That means about 2008 at the very earliest. I got into guns in 1982 and started at the gun and knife shows. Also am a master reloader and bullet caster with over 30 years experience. I am also a armorer on many makes and models and a amateur gunsmith. I'm thinking people who write these reviews need a slice of humble pie. Just a suggestion and maybe some help........

Optics Planet has guns now also, I haven't used them myself. The best one I have used is Grab-a-gun, they are fast, big list of FFL's in your area, wide selection except for the current gun grab their inventory can run low or out.

Discreet guns shop is a big scam- they take your money-no credit card- and when they receive it, they will not answer any messages or phone calls. They make you use Zelle transfer which almost guarantees no refund.

I was looking online for an AR style semiauto 12 gauge. Atlantic Firearms had a lot of selection but little in stock, I eventually found what I wanted at Grabagun, shipping was super quick.I ran into this scam website called Very similar logo to Lenny's glockstore it with the .org instead of the .com. Everything was in stock and a lot less expensive than everywhere I'd looked. The payment options were sketchy, no credit cards just PayPal and Western Union. And shipping to an FFL was optional. I imagine they are preying on new gun buyers. Stay far away!

Davidson's Gallery of Guns and CDNN: I have bought handguns, rifles, and shotguns from both and their prices and service was outstanding. Davidson's has a life time warrantee (keep your receipt...although you didn't used to have too), which I used one time for a rifle that had a bad chamber. Not a problem. CDNN has great buys but you have to be quick to get the best ones. Ask for Steve. He has always been really helpful and treated me like a friend even though we have only met over the telephone. Concur on Sportsman's being the worst. Their only service is out of Utah so they probably get really busy and short of temper.

I like that is featuring firearms from small mom-and-pop gun shops from across the country on their site! Great way to buy online and STILL support the local gun stores that deserve our business.

I was done dirty by Vizards Guns and Ammo and would like people to know they have terrible Customer Service and refuse to correct their errors, even a $12.12 error on a $611.49 order where they shorted me 2 boxes of cheap Tula .308 and refused to give me credit towards my next order. This was my 4th order with them, and I had purchased well over $1000 in ammo from them.They refused to have a manager call me, they alienated me and lost what was previously a good customer and a frequent shooter, who buys lots of ammo. (In 10 Calibers)#VizardsGunsAndAmmoSucks

My FFL charges $25.00 any more is robbery. FFLs are trying to stop people from buying online because of the loss of business. I say get with the paln or shutdown. 100 $25 transfers is still $2500 and it's all profit in many states.

Like Mike said, you could always get your own FFL. Sell a couple Glocks to people you know, and it pays for itself. Also, I've found that many shops are willing to work with you on the price - the last two guns I've bought, I brought an ad from the cheapest website I could find, talked to my gun guy behind the counter, and he matched online price plus FFL fee, so I spent what I would have spent, AND got to walk out with my hardware the same day.The shop's cost is probably higher than the website's cost, so they might not be able to beat the amazing deals, but there's no need to pay sticker most of the time.

I'm new to guns and made my first online purchase(Palmetto State PSAK 47) a couple of weeks ago. Everything went smooth until I picked it up and discovered the $50.00 fee my FFL charged. Needless to say, I will be looking for a new FFL when I can't support my local gun shop. 041b061a72


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