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four years later, the phenomenon is entering the final act. by one of the most accurate public polls of recent years, 61% of the population believe the political class responsible for the dilma fiasco has something to do with the events at the maracana in 2014. critics on the left charge the government with colluding with the rich and the powerful for decades, to concentrate the national patrimony in the hands of a few, and gradually alter the political history of the country. maybe because the dilma boom was the beginning of a new populist, neo-historicist era in brazilian politics, a new epithet had to be found for the decisive, and historical factor that brought dilma, now renamed bolsonaro, back to the office in october 2018. the new word for the mobilisation, specifically for the epicentre of the protests at the end of 2016, is bolsonarismo.

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by bolsonarismo, the government means the conflict that bolsonaro brings to the public; it. refers to the rise of the new right, which is associated with the military, and the escalation of conflicts between police and gangs, and also in the political realm, with the consolidation of parties such as phelps that share the old ideology of e pluribus unum. according to aruna roy, there is also a spatial aspect:

rio is going through a new wave of spatial protest, a new way to identify one self in the vast space that contains us, a new communal consciousness that has reordered the streets, houses, favelas, the economic, political and social relations. and above all, new technologies can make the protest simpler, cheaper and more effective. facebook, whatsapp, twitter, cheap cellphones, are all the new tools mobilising the new resistance. two massive protests are underway: the adequação social movement (more than 300 organizations) that has taken to the streets since 6 december to demand the political renewal of brazil, and the fora, jair, bolsonaro block, the largest protest since it began in april. the protests are clearly the first sign of the coming political and social crisis of the new era of the bolsonarismo. it seems to me that this is how the new right, threatened by the democratic clock, is attempting to stop the clock.


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