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Ample Sound Agf Torrent 15

On the main GUI page, you will find all the functions that will change the sound of the guitar in one way or another, including play-mode keyswitches for Normal Sustain, Natural Harmonics, Palm Mutes, Slide Modes, Hammer-on and Pull-off, along with faders for Pick Volume and Randomization, FX levels and Stereo Width/Doubling.

ample sound agf torrent 15

On the Editor Page you can adjust both the pitch and gain for every sample according to your own need and save your tuning settings for later use, very handy if you want to play in a micro tonal scale!

Ample Guitar is a fantastic accomplishment by Kane Kang and his team- the same ones who helped develop the Poetic guitar series. I LOVE these instruments! The features are dizzying and the sound is top-notch. The Gibson sounds like my '78 Les Paul Deluxe. The Paul Reed Smith is lush and the Strat is... well, it's a Strat. In addition, Amplesound is very helpful and patient with their customer support. Get these instruments- you won't regret it.

AGF Funk Extension aims to bring the Fender Stratocaster 50's Guitar sound to computer music world. the same guitar with AGF and it is sampled on the Middle and Bridge pickup, it sounds bright with more versatility for Funk and all electric guitar strum style. 350c69d7ab


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